So, on Thursday 12th December we’re due to go to the Polls… again! I know few of us have nothing better to do with our valuable time than vote for politicians. Here’s an opportunity for you to get in some practice before Thursday, how? I hear you scream with excitement. Well, Tilly needs your vote and this time it really can make a difference. It might not get Brexit done any sooner or the ‘folk on the hill’ back to work any time soon (I mistyped this and it auto corrected to ‘joke on the hill’, maybe AI is more aware than we think). Tilly isn’t even a politician, she’s a miniature Jack Russell and your vote would make her stand just a little taller.

Tilly’s picture has been selected as a finalist in The British Photography Awards 2020, she would very much appreciate your vote (as would I). She has no 150 page manifesto to woo you with or made any promises that she has no intention of keeping. In fact, she has made no promises. She is currently undecided if she would take her seat at Westminster, She can’t even promise a warm welcome if you come knocking at her door. Though treats may get you in the door depending on your views on bribery, Tilly has a very liberal view on this mater. The electoral commission hasn’t stated their views on this however. 

Rather than having to go out into the cold to vote, you can vote for Tilly by following this link and clicking Vote, literally five seconds later you will be getting on with your day. You’ll also have that warm feeling that you’ll forever have the gratitude of one little Jack Russell called Tilly.