So, you’ve come across that box or file of negatives that you’d long forgotten about. There’s priceless pictures of family, some of your finest landscape pictures. You spend hours looking through them, maybe going back to a time when things seemed less complicated. Maybe you’re a photographer that still loves the process of shooting film. That feeling when you load the camera, to carefully selecting the scene, to the satisfying click of the shutter, winding on to the next frame. Holding your film to the sky trying to decode the negative to see if you got the shot. This is the joy only film photographers understand.  

If you have access to a darkroom you’re set, unfortunately I don’t have space for one. So being a control freak my next option was to purchase a film scanner. Now, when it comes to my photography life, I’m not known for making comprises and I wasn’t about to start. There was really only one option for me, a scanner I’d owned in the past and was now about to repurchase. A film scanner made by a Danish, high-end, electronic imaging company called Imacon. The Imacon Flextight scanners use a revolutionary virtual drum scanning technology; I’ll not bore you with the nerdy stuff but the scans are exceptional. Anyhow, Imacon was eventually bought by Hasselblad and all their scanners were rebranded to Hasselblad. Enough Said!

When a few friends found out that I was crazy enough to buy a film scanner in a digital age, I began to receive requests to make some scans for them. More than one suggested that it’s a service that I should offer to more than just them. So, with some time on my hands with the whole Covid-19 lockdown situation, that’s what I did. I’ve built an online store and can now offer this service. If you have any questions let me know.