Film Scanning

Scanning on a Imacon Flextight scanner with its unique virtual drum scanning technology ensures that you get the best possible film scan. Scans of 35mm, 6×4.5cm, 6x6cm and 6x7cm films at resolutions unto 3200PPI are available . All scans are 16 bit to maintain detail and gradation during the editing process. As an example a 6x6cm colour film scanned at 3200 PPi / 16 bit will give a file around 250 megabytes. 

All scans are un-edited apart from minor colour correction, allowing you total control over the post production process from spotting to final preparation for archiving or printing.

Fine Art Giclée Printing

Giclée (a French term meaning to to squirt or spray) or inkjet print allows for fantastic colour, depth and detail especially in conjunction with a 12 ink printer like the HP Z3200. With its 4 monochrome inks it also gives the finest black and white prints from deep black to detailed white while having museum level archival stability. 

There are a bewildering amount of very good inkjet papers on the market, we have tried many options over the years! However, we wanted better than very good. A printed image is the final distillation of what may have been a long journey and deserves to be printed on the finest paper. For this purpose we’ve select two papers from Canson, a French paper mill that has been producing papers from the late 15th century. They got involved in producing paper for photographers over 150 years ago, so they know a thing or two about paper. The two papers we use are Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm and Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique 310gsm.

After paying for your prints don’t forget to upload them.

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