Tips before your shoot

Tips before your photoshoot

Here’s a few hints & tips to help you on your way to a more enjoyable photoshoot,
add a dollop of common sense and you’ll end up with great looking pictures.
This one doesn’t really belong in the tips section as it’s more common sense. If you
have a big night on the town planned it’s probably better that you reschedule. You
don’t want turning up to your photoshoot after a late night, especially after a few
drinks, best not to have bags under your eyes and that hungover look! Rest and
hydration is the best preparation for any photoshoot.

1. “Clothes maketh the man” – Mark Twain. What you wear will play its part in the
message that you are conveying so choose wisely! Whatever you choose to wear
make sure that it’s clean and ironed in preparation for your shoot. Lint and wrinkle
free. Generally, it’s best to avoid strong busy patterns, these are distracting. It’s also
best not to be too seasonal with your selection. Maybe try them on the day before to
make sure they fit and that you feel good in them. You should also think about
bringing a change of clothing. Guys don’t forget to straighten your tie!

2. Grooming… Hair, don’t get a new style the day before the shoot, this can lead to
tears. If you are getting your hair cut it’s probably best to get that done a week or so
beforehand, gives it a chance to grow out a bit and look natural. Make sure that you
have nothing stuck to your teeth and maybe bring a good lip balm as chapped lips
are not a good look. Always check that your makeup looks fresh and bring powder
as it helps the photographer with shine. Guys, if you shave the morning of the shoot,
go gently, as a shaving rash can be difficult to deal with. Also, don’t forget your
hands and nails.

3. Hunger Pangs… If you are going to be involved in the shoot for a while it’s maybe
a good idea to have a lite snack beforehand (remember to check your teeth after) to
keep your energy levels up and take a bottle/glass of water with you. Stay clear of
chocolate or coloured items/drinks, etc. You don’t want coloured lips, tongue, etc.

4. Photoshop Please… Contrary to popular belief, Photoshop doesn’t have a magic
button to fix all problems, but with a bit of preparation a lot of time and expense can
be avoided.

5. The last one… Have fun!

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