Photography should have something to say, a story to tell, my approach is to do it in a way that feels natural and real

Belfast Northern Ireland Headshot, Corporate and Commercial Photographer David Cordner


Hello, I’m David Cordner and I’m a corporate photographer – headshots photographer & commercial photographer. I specialise in fresh, natural and contemporary images that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

I’m situated on the outskirts of Belfast Northern Ireland, putting much of the province within easy driving distance. While much of my work is based in Northern Ireland, I also have several high profiles clients based in Counties Louth, Meath and Dublin in Republic of Ireland.

When a potential client first comes in contact with your business, what is the first thing they see? It’s more than likely the pictures that you use in your brochures, website and corporate material. And as the old saying goes ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’. Your clients are looking for something that sets you apart from the noise. Your unique story!

One of the most effective pictures in your corporate material is a headshot photograph. It helps customers identify with you and your business and also helps give your brand a face. Whether it’s your website, LinkedIn, Facebook or what ever flavour of social medial you use. It’s a powerful way to communicate to clients or the public that you are a professional, there to help them. Vist out new Headshots website

Everyone from the CEO to all your key people can benefit from having modern headshots. Shoots and styles can be tailored to your business need and brand personality.

If you have a brief / shoot that you would like to discuss you can contact me here or Tel +44 (0)78 5422 5363.

What my clients are saying...

"RES Ltd has been availing of David’s photography services for a number of years.  David has provided photography for us in difficult locations primarily working with children and community groups.  David’s patience and creative eye has produced a substantial collection of photographic material for us.  David quickly understands the brief but also doesn’t miss out on the opportune photo that couldn’t have been predicted.  He carries out his work with professionalism and can easily put people at ease to ensure that they are captured in as natural a way possible.  I can’t recommend David enough."

Victoria Graham
Community Relations Manager for Ireland
"I am very happy to have worked with David for a big project in travel photography. The photos turned out fresh, natural, inviting, with David’s attention to detail and respect for project guidelines showing through. I look at thousands of photos every day and working with someone like David makes my job so much easier. He does not only rely on his great talent, but is also hard working and patient for that elusive photo that will stand out from the rest. He keeps his photography simple and he also has a unique view of the world that shows personal engagement with his subject and emotion. As a professional, David was easy going, accessible, eager to offer alternatives where needed, making our collaboration a pleasure. I definitely look forward to more successful projects with him in the future."

Stevi Moshogianni
Picture Editor
"David has worked on many projects at the College and has always been extremely professional and creative in his approach to the work. He has great people skills and is able to put people at ease when taking photographs. All of these factors along with a professional demeanour shows that David can capture the nature feel of the situation, therefore producing great photos."

David Burns
Campaigns and Events Assistant
Belfast Metropolitan College
"David has been producing our headshots since 2010, his relaxing manner puts everyone at ease and the way he brings the studio to us makes it efficient for us as a business."

Marketing Manager
Grafton Recruitment
"Put me on a stage to speak in front of 500 people - no problem, i love it.  But put me in front of a single camera to get a photo taken, and I go to pieces.  I freeze up, get really self conscious, and become a different person.
But not with David.  His easy nature made the whole process straight forward and manageable; his professionalism meant that I knew exactly what to expect and his tricks of the trade left me without the double chins!  All in all it felt like a really collaborative exercise: talking before hand so he really knew what I wanted, the sheer choice of shots that he gave me, and the follow up to make sure that I was completely happy with the end the result.  I would definitely come back to him for more work in the future, and I would readily recommend him to others too.”

Joanna Denton
Public speaking coach

My bio & a little bit about me…

By the age of 12 I knew I wanted to be a Photographer, nothing else interested me. When I was around 16 years old I started spending my Saturdays and spare time working in a wedding and portrait studio. I wasn’t getting paid but just being in and around that environment was worth more than money. Plus I knew my mother would feed me! They must have seen something in me, after a few months I was offered a job which I said yes to without hesitation. Just as well, academically I was probably never going to amount to much anyway. Pictures always spoke more to me than words.

Sadly, about three years later, the owner of the business passed away leaving his daughter to run the business. At this point I became the main portrait photographer which was a lot of responsibility at a tender age. I had a lot of growing up to do and fast. But I loved the buzz of being a fully-fledged photographer. It’s funny how quickly you can mature and adapt when you absolutely must. Several years down the road I had my own successful wedding & portrait studio winning many awards. These included 5 Kodak European Gold Awards and the British Institute of Professional Photography Portrait Photographer of the Year to name a few.

Fast forward to today

I’m a Commercial and Fine Art Photographer. The Commercial side of my business challenges me every day and the variety keeps me fresh and focused. My Fine Art is an indulgence but it’s something I need to do, it’s something I have always done. It allows me the freedom to be creative and freely express my vision. And it’s a true honour and privilege when others like that vision and proudly display my work in their homes.

Now you know a little bit about me, I’d like to know a little about you… go on… don’t be shy, get in touch.


Heres a few hints & tips to help you on your way to a more enjoyable photoshoot, add a dollop of common sense and you’ll end up with great looking pictures.
This one does’t really belong in the tips section as it’s more common sense. If you have a big night on the town planned it’s probably better that you reschedule. You don’t want turning up to your photoshoot after a late night, especially after a few drinks, best not to have bags under your eyes and that hungover look! Rest and hydration is the best preparation for any photo shoot.


What you wear will play its part in the message that you are conveying so choose wisely! Whatever you choose to wear make sure that it’s clean and ironed in preparation for your shoot. Lint and wrinkle free. Generally It’s best to avoid strong busy patterns, these are distracting. Its also best not to be to seasonal with your selection. Maybe try them on the day before to make sure they fit and that you feel good in them. You should also think about bringing a change of clothing.


Hair, don’t get a new style the day before the shoot, this can lead to tears. If you are getting your hair cut it’s probably best to get that done a week or so before hand, gives it a chance to grow out a bit and look natural. Make sure that you have nothing stuck to your teeth and maybe bring a good lip balm as chapped lips are not a good look. Always check that your makeup looks fresh and bring powder as it helps the photographer with shine. Guys if you shave the morning of the shoot, go gently, as a shaving rash can be difficult to deal with. Also don’t forget your hands and nails.


If you are going to be involved in the shoot for a while it’s maybe a good idea to have a lite snack beforehand (remember to check your teeth after) to keep your energy levels up and take a bottle / glass of water with you. Stay clear of chocolate or coloured items / drinks, etc. You don’t want coloured lips, tongue, etc.


Contrary to popular belief, Photoshop doesn’t have a magic button to fix all problems but with a bit of preparation a lot of time and expense can be avoided.

Have fun!
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